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PE/PET Sheath-core Composite Short-cut Fiber PE/PET Sheath-core Composite Short-cut Fiber
Polyester Short-cut Fiber (used in papermaking) Polyester Short-cut Fiber(used in road)
Fine Denier Acrylic Fiber Far-infrared Acrylic Fiber
Profiled Fiber Anti-bacterial Acrylic Fiber
Ultraviolet Resistant Acrylic Fiber Black Fiber
Aliphatic Alcohol Polyethylene Oxide Ether(2) Aliphatic Alcohol Polyethylene Oxide Ether(3)
Aliphatic Alcohol Polyethylene Oxide Ether(7) High Shrinkage Bulk Top
High Shrinkage Series Fibers Polyester Whitening Fibre
High Elasticity Fiber:PBT Phosphorus-containing Copolymeric Flame Retardant PET Chip
High Shrinkage and Low Crystallinity PET EGb PP Fiber

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