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Product Name: Liquefied Petroleum Gas  
Trade Mark: Sanren Brand  
Alternative Name: ?  
Molecular formula/Structural Formula:
Production Process: The product is made from the hydrocracking vapor phase through the process of desulphurization and gas separation.  
Properties: The product is inflammable and explosive. It is a gas under the normal temperature and pressure. It is easy to form explosive mixture when mixed with air, the explosive limit is 1.5 ~34%. The product has a high content of C3 fraction and C4 fraction with a high calorific value and a low sulphur content. It is less corrosive, odorless and stable in storage. With low content of olefine and heavy components, there will be no residue liquid left after combustin.  
Grade: ?  
National Standard Grade: ?  
Enterprise Standard Grade: ?  

GB11174-1997 (National Standard)



Quality Criteria

Testing Method


Density (15℃) kg/m3


SH/T 0221 1)


Vapor pressure (37.8℃), kPa <=


GB/T 6602 2)


C5 fraction and above, % (v/v)<=


SH/T 0230



Distillation residue, ml/100ml

Oil stain observed



pass 3)



Copper corosion, grade<=


SH/T 0232


Total sulphur, mg/m3 <=


SH/T 0222


Free water


Visual check 4)

  1. Density can be calculated based on GB/T 12576, but arbitration shall be based on SH/T 0221.
  2. Vapor pressure can be calculated based on GB/T 12576, but arbitration shall be based on GB/T 6602.
  3. According to SY/T 7509, 0.3 mL solution residue mixture is dripped on filter paper with an increment of 0.1mL each time, and, 2 minutes later, check the paper under sunlight for durable oil ring, if not, it is passed.
  4. Visual check of presence of free water in sample while density is checked visually.
Scope of Application: ?  
Major Applications: The product is mainly used as industrial fuel, domestic fuel, chemical raw material and aerosol preparation. 
Process Method: ?  
Packing: Bulk  
Packing Size: ?  
Storage: Spherical tank, low temperature/normal pressure storage tank.  
Transportation: Tank truck, rail tanker and vessel.  
Safety Precautions: 1. The main components of Liquefied Petroleum Gas are some low molecular hydrocarbons such as propane, butance, propylene and butene etc. When compressed, it is a colourless liquid, very volatile.
2. LPG is inflammable and explosive. Therefore, measures against fire and explosion must be taken during storage and transportation. At the same time, it must be kept away from fire, heat sources and direct sunlight.
3. Specially made pressure vessel must be used for transportation of LPG. In compliance with the relevant Government Ordinance concerning hazardous chemicals, due formalities must be gone through for the permission of transportation. Meanwhile, static electricity discharger must be provided to prevent static electricity being accumulated during storage and transportation. In addition, grounding apparatus and fire fighting device must be equipped.
4. When used for cookers, the connections, cock valves and hoses must be frequently checked. In case of leakage, the LPG source must be cut off immediately and then open the doors and windows to air the rooms. Don抰 put it into service until it is reparied. Don抰 forget to turn off the main valve when you have done cooking. 

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