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Product Name: Industrial Meta Pentadiene  
Trade Mark: Sanren Brand  
Alternative Name: ?  
Molecular formula/Structural Formula:
Production Process: Using by product C5 fraction from ethylene production via cracking the crude oil, the product is obtained through precise fractionation for removing the lighter and heavier fractions.  
Properties: The product is colourless or light yellow inflammable, explosive and highly volatile liquid, specific gravity 0.6830, melting point, syn-type -141℃, anti-form-87℃; boiling point syn-type 44.70℃, anti-form 42.03℃, flash point ?9℃.  
Grade: ?  
National Standard Grade: ?  
Enterprise Standard Grade: ?  

Q/SH 012.11.01-1998 (Enterprise Standard)



Quality criteria

Testing Method



Colourless or light yellow transparent liquid without mechanical admixture


Q/SH 012.11.01-1998


Content, %(m/m) >=



Dicyclopentadiene + cyclopentadiene %(m/m) <=



Cyclopentene, cyclopentane, etc %(m/m)


Scope of Application: ?  
Major Applications: 燗s feedstock for petroleum resin, copoly-elastomer, curing agent, agricultural pesticide, perfume and etc. 
Process Method: ?  
Packing: Bulk or 200L drum.  
Packing Size: ?  
Storage: Stored at low temperature and well ventilated place, kept away from open fire, heat source and direct sunlight, and also separated from oxidizer, halogen (fluorine, chlorine, bromine) and acid. The lighting and ventilation equipment for warehouse shall be of explosion-proof type, with switch located outside the house.  
Transportation: As hazardous matters class I, the bulk can be handled by tank truck.  
Safety Precautions: 1. The product is inflammable, explosive with explosion limit, in atmosphere, of 2.6~10.3%(v/v), vapour flash point ?8℃. It belongs to class 1 inflammables in respect of fire hazard classification (GBJ16 ?Specification of fire prevention in buiding design?), and to category 3.1 in respect of hazard classification. Therefore, all precautions shall take into account the possibility to avoid formation of explosive atmosphere and making contact with nitric acid, sulfuric acid, chlorosulfonic acid.
2. Initial Fire due to meta-pentadiene can be extinguished with foam, dry powder, or CO2 or sand earth, but no water.
3. The product has a rather low boiling point, so that it shall be stored in a cool and dry place. Measures like spraying water shall be taken during summer when it would be placed outdoor and do not transport it at noon when temperature would be high.
4. Truck for product transportation shall have hazardous material mark and necessary safety protection.
5. Product抯 vapour is somewhat toxic; Inhalation of certain amount of its vapour will cause physical discomfort. Therefore the working place shall be kept at a good condition with ventilation and equipped with shower. If a person feel discomfort evidently, he should leave the site immediately to get fresh air; if breath becomes difficult, oxygen shall be given. If breath stops, artificial breathing shall be made. If the discomfort continues long time or becomes severe, immediately go to hospital.

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