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Product Name:
Aliphatic Alcohol Polyethylene Oxide Ether(2)
Brief introduction & Characteristics:
Main technical index:
Quality Specifications:



Appearance (25'C)

Transparent Liquid

Colority (APHA)


PH (3% aq)


Percentage of hydroxy group (mgKOH/g)

196+- 6

Percentage of water (%)


Percentage of polyethylene glycol (%)


The product is mainly used as preparation and assistant in such household industries as detergents, cosmetics, and so on. The nature alcohol is generally applied in household industries, such as the facial moisturizing perfumed cream and the like, while the synthetic alcohol is suitable for production of various detergents. The product can also be used as emulsifier and penetrant in textile, leather, pharmaceutical industries and so on.


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