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Product Name:
Ultraviolet Resistant Acrylic Fiber
Brief introduction & Characteristics:
Physical properties: Ultraviolet resistant acrylic fiber is manufactured by the process of adding super fine ultraviolet resistant powder into spinning dope. The fiber has the property of ultraviolet shading. The ultraviolet with the wavelength of 180-400μm is a kind of high energy radiation. The damage to the ozone layer of atmosphere due to the rapid development of industry results in the continuous grow of ultraviolet on the surface of the earth. Ultraviolet, just like visible light, can be absorbed by human body. Over absorbed ultraviolet will darken skin, increase freckle and butterfly-spot, aging of skin, losing of elasticity and even lead to dermatoma. According to the test conducted by China Research Institute of Metrology, the albedo to ultraviolet for the fabric made with ultraviolet resistant acrylic fiber is 97%.
Brand name: Sanren Brand
Grade: Titer 1.67 dtex, 3.33 dtex

Main technical index:
Additive content >=2.0%
Breaking tenacity >=2.3cN/dtex
Breaking elongation 27%-43%
Ultraviolet fiber can be used for the manufacture of T-shirt, skirt, sunshade cap, headscarf, swim suit etc, it can also be used to priduce various kinds of parasol and tent etc.


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