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Product Name:
Anti-bacterial Acrylic Fiber
Brief introduction & Characteristics:
Anti-bacterial acrylic fiber is manufactured by the process of adding polyblending anti-bacterial agent into spinning dope. The anti-bacterial agent selected is totally mixed with fiber and embedded in the inside of the fiber. It has the properties of consistent broad-spectrum anti-bacterial, bactericidal action, effectively inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacterium which result in the effective removal of strange odour such as body odour and beriberi. It can diminish inflammation and relieve pruritus and it is not harmful to human body even applied for a long period of time. According to the test conducted by Shanghai Research Institute of Industrial Microoganism, mould grade is Class A, anti-fungal rate in 24 hours is 81.64%.
Brand name: Sanren Brand, Jinyang Brand
Grade: Titer 1.67 dtex

Main technical index:
Sanren Brand Additive content >=0.5%
Breaking tenacity >=2.6cN/dtex
Breaking elongation 25%-40%
Jinyang Brand Additive content >=0.5%
Breaking tenacity >=3.1cN/dtex
Breaking elongation 33%-43%
This product is widely used in the area of medical care, such as dressing, surgical clothes, wrapper and mouth-piece etc; in the area of daily life, such as knitted underwear, socks, sportswear, articles for bathing, decorative fabric etc, and in the area of industry, such as advertising cloth, tenting, filtering material etc.


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