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Product Name:
Profiled Fiber
Brief introduction & Characteristics:
Profiled fiber is manufactured by changing processing conditions with profile spinnerret. Using NaSCN solution spinning process to produce profiled fiber is an invention in China. Flat yarn can change fiber's luster, modulus, compliance, bulkiness and hand feel because of the edges and corners on fiber section. Flat yarn has the appearance of gare and excellent anti-pilling tendency.
Brand name: Jinyang Brand
Grade: Titer 11.1 dtex Cross section shape Flat shape

Main technical index:
Flat degree 1:6-1:8
Breaking tenacity >=2.2cN/dtex
Breaking elongation 25%-30%
Powder <=20mg/100g
Profiled fiber is used mainly for the manufacture of artificial fur and blanket, and in the area of industrial hygiene etc.


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