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Product Name:
Far-infrared Acrylic Fiber
Brief introduction & Characteristics:
Physical properties: Far-infrared acrylic fiber is a new type of functional fiber manufactured by special processing method from fiber by adding super fine powder with far-infrared properties. This kind of fiber can effectively transmit far-infrared ray with the wavelength of 4-14 um to activate cellular tissue, improve blood circulation, accelerate metaholism and increase its heat insulating ability. That's why this product can serve dual purpose of health care and warm retention. According to the test conducted by Shanghai Technological Physical Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the far-infrared radiation rate of far-infrared acrylic fiber can reach over 87%. This product won Gold Medal in 1999 Shanghai Science and Technology Fair.
Brand Name: Sanren Brand
Titer 1.67 dtex, 3.33 dtex

Main technical index:
Additive content >=4.5%
Breaking tenacity >=
Breaking elongation 27%-45%

Far-infrared fiber is used for unmixed spinning or blend spinning with cotton, wool etc. to produce socks, underwear, sweater, neckerchief, hat, blanket, hand glove and bedding articles etc.


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