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Product Name:
Fine Denier Acrylic Fiber
Brief introduction & Characteristics:
Physical properties: Fine denier acrylic fiber is manufactured by microporous spinneret made with hi-tech. The fabrics made of fine denier acrylic fiber has such properties as finish surface, fine fabric, delicate color, lofty, light fabric, good drapability and fine moisture sorption characteristics etc.
Brand name: Sanren Brand, Jinyang Brand
Grade: Titer 0.89 dtex, 1.11 dtex, 1.32 dtex

Main technical index:
Primary specifications:
Sanren Brand Breaking tenacity >=2.7cN/dtex
Breaking elongation 27%-40%
Jinyang Brand Breaking tenacity >=3.1cN/dtex
Breaking elongation 30%-43%

Fine denier acrylic fiber is used to manufacture knitted T-shirt, underwear, sock, woven tropical face fabric, high-grade tropical blanket etc. The fine denier acrylic fiber will play an important role in the development of new fabrics to adapt the tendency of using tropical face fabric.


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