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Product Name:
High Shrinkage Bulk Top
Brief introduction & Characteristics:
Physical properties: High shrinkage bulk top is manufactured from high elongation filament by super thermal drawing and stretch-breaking method. The product is bulky and elastic handle.
Brand name: Jinyang Brand
Grade: Titer 1.67/3.33 dtex, 2.22/3.33 dtex, 3.33/3.33 dtex, 3.33/6.67 dtex

Main technical index:
Primary specifications:
Contraction rate >26% Sliver weight unevenness <=2.5%
Nep<=1.0 piece/g Flake <=0.5 piece/m

High shrinkage bulk top is used for the manufacture of raschel blanket and fine denier high shrinkage bulk top can also be used to manufacture tropical blanket and underwear etc. to adapt the tendency of using tropical face fabric.


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