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Product Name:
High Shrinkage Series Fibers
Brief introduction & Characteristics:
Physical properties: High shrinkage series fibers are manufactured with super succeeding drawing process by the changing of polymer composition or processing conditions taking advantage of the thermo-elasticity of high molecule. The product has the considerably high potential internal stress of thermal shrinkage. High shrinkage series fibers consist of three grades of high shrinkage fiber(contraction rate 24%), medium high shrinkage fiber(contraction rate 29%) and super high shrinkage fiber(contraction rate 34%).
Brand name:
Titer 1.67 dtex, 3.33 dtex, 6.67 dtex
Contraction rate 24-34%

Sanren Brand, Jinyang Brand
Main technical index:
Primary specifications: Sanren Brand:
Shrinkage deviation+-2%
Breaking tenacity>=2.0cN/dtex
Breaking elongation >=15%
Dye-uptake 92%
Jinyang Brand:
Shrinkage deviation +-2%
Breaking tenacity>=3.1cN/dtex
Breaking elongation 25-35%
Dye-uptake 79%

High shrinkage fiber is generally used to produce bulk yarn and bulk wool. In recent years medium high and super high shrinkage fiber are widely used in the manufacture of raschel blanket and artificial fur. The end products are bulky, elastic handle. The fabrics are thick, not exposed and good warmth retention. With the development of new fabrics, quite a lot of manufacturers are using high shrinkage fiber to manufacture face fabric of underwear, fine pile face and lofty clothes, thus extending the scope of its applications.


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