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Product Name:
Hollow Profiled Fiber of Modified Polyester Filament
Brief introduction & Characteristics:
With specially designed spinneret and mixture of modified polyester and common polyester, we can get hollow profiled fiber through high speed spinning. After the POY being drawn and dissolved modified polyester on the fiber surface effectively through alkali treatment, there are many grooves and cravities on the surface of fiber, which perforate with hollow part of fiber, consequently not only the fluffiness and permeability for water and air of fabric but also the dyeability of fiber and serviceability of fabric are improved.
Main technical index:
Titre range: 50~150dtex
Variety : triangular section filaments with single hole and three holes,circular section filaments with single hole and many holes
This fiber can be widely used in application of knitted and woven fabric, it is suit for underwear fabric, silk-like fabric, wool-like fabric, liner of sports shoes, heat preservation fabric and fabric permeable to air and water, etc.


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