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Product Name:
High Shrinkage and Low Crystallinity PET
Brief introduction & Characteristics:
This product is produced by direct esterification copolymerization of PTA,EG and the third monomer
Main technical index:
Intrinsic viscosity: 0.60~0.70dl/g
Melting point:>=230'C
DEG Content:<=4.0wt%
Carboxyl group content:<=40%
Tenacity of fiber:>=2.5cN/dtex
Boiling water shrinkage Of fiber:>=20%

High shrinkage and low crystallinity PET fiber produced by this product has the characteristic of shrinking rapidly when heated. Through mixed fiber spinning this product with other chips or intermingling its fiber with other fiber, we can get BCY with good elasticity and softness and wool-like and silk-like fabric with various kinds of embossing figure after heat treatment.


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