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Product Name:
Phosphorus-containing Copolymeric Flame Retardant PET Chip
Brief introduction & Characteristics:
This product is copolymerized by phosphorus-containing retardant with bifunctional group.
Main technical index:
Intrinsic viscosity:>=0.60dl/g
Melting point>=238'C
Carboxyl group content:<=30mol/t

The fabric of this product has everlasting flame retardant ability compared with flame-retardant PET made by adding flame retardant to common PET chips during the course of spinning or by after treatment and there will be no poisonous gas and smokes during the course of putting out a fire. POY filament can be produced by high speed spinning with this product. After being drawn or textured, POY fiber can be used to produce many kinds of flame retardant decoration fabric, flame retardant PET staple with various standards can also be produced with POY fiber to produce many kinds of everlasting flame retardant spun yarn after spinning and weaving.


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