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Product Name:
High Elasticity Fiber:PBT
Brief introduction & Characteristics:
PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) fiber is a new polyester fiber developed in recent years, it has many excellent properties, such as good processability, good dyeability, high colour fastness, soft handle of its fabric. Garments made of it can flex with human body's move, which make consumers feel very comfortable. The elasticity of PBT fiber is between that of nylon and polyurethane fiber. At certain scope, it can replace polyurethane fiber, its resistance to chemical corrosion and aging is better than that of polyamide fiber and its price is only that one quarter of polyurethane fiber.


1)Good elasticity, the elastic recovery percentage of nylon and PET are 70% and 55% respectively, if that of PBT is 100%.2)Dyeable without media at normal temperature and pressure and it colourfastness is high.3)Good resistance to chemical corrosion. Compared with nylon, it doesn’t have the disadvantages of prone to yellowing and chlorine corrosion. 4)Good dimensional stability.5)Soft handle, good antipill and antistatic properties

Main technical index:
Titre range: 50~150dtex
Tenacity: >=2.8cN/dtex
Elongation: 25~40%
Crimp retraction:>=53%
Crimp stability:>=95%
Direction of twist: S,Z,or SS,ZZ

This kind of fiber can be used for development of knitted and woven elastic fabric and production of all kind of underwear, socks, sportswear, elastic jeans, woolen sweater, elastic bandage and so on.


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