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Product Name:
Polyester Whitening Fibre
Brief introduction & Characteristics:
The OB-1Whitening agent manufactured by Eastman of America is added in the production, so the fibre has a distinguished feature of being whiter than usual. Shined by ultraviolet light, it will emit a special fluorescent light, and it can serve the function of resisting ultraviolet light. Fabrics made of this type of fibre have some positive characteristics, e.g., quick dying, bright color and low fuel consumption during dying and finishing. At the same time, the water consumption is also reduced, so is the waste water effluence.
Main technical index:
Titer: 1.33~2.22dtex
Length: 38~65mm
Breaking tenacity: >=5.6CN/dtex
Breaking elongation: 20~35%
Like other normal fabrics, the whitening polyester fibre can be used to produce various types of normal textiles. Moreover, its magnificent whitening effect makes it more suitable for the fabric of high quality shirts and uniforms, table clothes, chair covers and bed clothes in restaurants, hotels, transportation means and hospitals, etc.


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