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Product Name:
Ultra Short Polyester Fibre
Brief introduction & Characteristics:
Ultra short polyester fibre is produced by special process with the help of special additives. This type of fibre enjoys characteristics of, high tenacity, fine toughness and low heat shrinkage. Besides the civil usage, it can also be used as industrial fibre. For example, it can partly substitute wood to be used in the paper-making industry, and to make paper filters. The paper filter made from this fibre bas high tearing severity, good filterability and good dispersibility in water. Other physical properties can basically meet the requirement in paper-making industry. Moreover, it can be used as reinforcing material in cement.
Main technical index:

Titer: 0.83~6.66dtex
Length: 2~12mm
Breaking tenacity: >=5.6CN/dtex
Dry heat shrinkage(130℃): <=4%
Dispersibility: 10 grams of it can be evenly dispersed in 1 m3 of water, no string when settled.

It can be used in pile coating, and substitute asbestos to be used as reinforcing of building materials. With water floating method, it can be used to produce paper filters and special paper for counterfeit-proof coupons.
The product has passed appraisal by Shanghai Municipal Economic and Trade Commission as a new product.


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