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Product Name: Acetone Cyanohydrin  
Trade Mark: Sanren Brand  
Alternative Name: ?  
Molecular formula/Structural Formula:
Production Process: The product is made from acetone and hydrocyanic acid, a by-product from acrylonitrile process  
Properties: The product is a yellowish drastically toxic liquid. It is soluble in water, alcohol and ether, as well as in acetone and benzene. It is not soluble in petroleum ether. It is combustible when encountering fire. When heated, it will decomposed into hydrocyanic acid and aceton. Its boiling point is 82℃, flash point 74℃ and autogenous ignition temperature 687.8℃. Its explosion limits is between 2.2% ~12% (vol.).  
Grade: ?  
National Standard Grade: ?  
Enterprise Standard Grade: ?  

Q/SH012.02.08-1997 (Enterprise Standard)



Quality Criteria

Testing Method

1st class





Yellowish or yellow liquid with trace of deposit

Dark brown or light blue liquid with little deposit

Q/SH012.02.08- 1997


Total amount, % (m/m)





Aceton cyanohydrin, % (m/m)





Hydrocyanic acid, % (m/m)





PH (10% aceton cyanohydrin water solution)




GB/T 9724-88

Scope of Application: The product is used for production of PMMA, methyl methacrylate and insecticide  
Major Applications: ?^# ?  
Process Method: Bulk (tank truck)  
Packing: ?  
Packing Size: The product should be stored in special storage tank and warehouse for the tank truck.  
Storage: By means of tank truck  
Transportation: 1. The relevant Government Ordinance concerning transportation and storage of hazardous chemicals must be followed strictly. The special tank truck should be equipped with static electricity grounding device and extinguishers.
2. The product should be kept away from acid and alkali as well as fire and heat sources. The product should not be kept for a long period of time.
3. When filling the tank with the product, the operators must wear mask. The max. concentration in the air of the handling area should not exceed 0.9 mg/m3.
4. The extinguishers for the product are of carbon dioxide, dry powder and foam. In case of leakage, treat it with sodium hyposulfite or ferrous sulfate solution, and then wash the place with great amount of water. The washed water should be sent to waste water disposal system for treastment.
Safety Precautions:  

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