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Product Name: Modified Polypropylene Resin ( JC-GF03X.) 
Trade Mark: Jinchang Brand 
Alternative Name:   
Molecular formula/Structural Formula:
Production Process: The product is a modified polyblend with polypropylene resin as the main feed-stock and different kinds of additives. 
Properties: With a fairly good heat-resistance, rigidity, dimensional stability, chemical proofing and fine mouldability, and good shape retention too. 
National Standard Grade:   
Enterprise Standard Grade: JC-GF03X 


Quality Specification


Jis test method


GF03X(equi lent to Ppa)

MI K7210 g/10min 6.0+/-2.0
Density K7112 G/cm3 1.04+/-0.03
Ash content 800 ih Jinchang method % 20.0+/-2.5
Volatile Jinchang method % <0.1
Tensile strength K7113 Mpa >60
Bending modulus K7171 Mpa >3000
Bending strength K7171 Mpa >70
Surface hardness (Rockwall) K7202 R Scale >100
Motch impact strength K7110 KJ/m2 >5.0
Heat deformation temp. K7191 >145
Suggested injection temperature   200-250
Scope of Application: Household electric appliance parts and automotive parts. 
Major Applications:   
Process Method: Injection molding. 
Packing: 25kg net in moisture proof paper bags. 
Packing Size:    
Storage: The product should be stored in a dry, well ventilated warehouse. To avoid direct sunlight, the product should not be stored in open air. The product should be pelletized in batches and separated with a certain distance. 
Transportation: The product is suitable for road, sea, air and railway transportation. During transportation the product should not be exposed to the sunlight and rain. Neither should the product be mixed with contaminants. There should be no heavy dump or unloading by throwing the bags. 
Safety Precautions: 1. Keep away from fire and heat sources.
2. Should not be stored or transported together with chemicals and inflammables.
3. Warehouses must be equipped with extinguishers or fire-fighting devices.
4. Water, carbon dioxide, dry powder or 1211 can be used as extinguishers for the product. 

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