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Product Name: High-density Polyethylene Resin (HHMTR-480FS) 
Trade Mark: Sanren Brand MARKEX 
Alternative Name:   
Molecular formula/Structural Formula:
Production Process: The product is made by loop tube slurry process. The polymer produced is of ethylene-hexene copolymer type. 
Properties: The oblate pellet product is self-colour with fine chemical environmental resistance and strength, excellent temperature resistance and weather-resistance, perfect environmental stress cracking resistance. 
National Standard Grade: PE-EA-45D001 
Enterprise Standard Grade: HHMTR-480FS 

Q/SHSH21.01-2000 (Enterprise Standard)

No Item Unit Quality Criteria Test Method
premium-grade 1st-grade Up-to-grade
1 Melt flow rate G/10min 0.11±0.03 ASTM D1238
2 Density G/cm3 0.943±0.002 ASTM D1505
3 Cleanliness (contaminated particles) Particle/250ml ≤ 20






4 Particle No. Particle/g

50 ± 15

5 Tensile yield strength (50mm/min) Mpa ≥ 20 20 16 ASTM D638
6 Environmental stress cracking resistance H ≥ 500 500 400 ASTN D1693
7 Ultimate elongation % ≥ 400 400 400 ASTM D638
8 Ash content % ≥ 0.03 0.04 0.05 Q/SH012.21.01
Scope of Application: Plastic pipes. 
Major Applications:   
Process Method: Injection moulding. 
Packing: 25kg net each in craft bags lined with PP woven bags. 
Packing Size:   
Storage: The product should be stored in a dry, well ventilated warehouse equipped with fire-fighting facilities. To avoid direct sunlight, the product should be kept away from heat sources and should not be stored in open air. The product should be palletized in batches and separated with a certain distance. 
Transportation: The product is suitabe for road, sea and railway transportation. To avoid damage to packing material, sharp tools like iron hook is not allowed to use during transportation. Throwing is prohibited, neither should be product be put under direct sunshine and rain, or mixed with contanimants of sand, metals and coal for transportation. Inflammable or corrosive substances are strictly prohibited to be transported together with the product. Uncovered truck must be covered with waterproof taxpaulins and the inside of the truck must keep clean and dry. 
Safety Precautions: 1.Keep away from fire and heat sources.
2.Should not be stored or transported together with chemicals and inflammables.
3.Warehouses must be equipped with extinguishets or fire-fighting devices.
4.Water, carbon dioxide, dry powder or 1211 can be used as extinguishers for the product.  

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