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Product Name: Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Copolymer (EVA 15/2)  
Trade Mark: Sanren Brand  
Alternative Name: EVA resin  
Molecular formula/Structural Formula:
Production Process: The Product is made by polymerization of ethylene and vinyl acetate under high temperature and high pressure. The polymer produced is of copolymer type.  
Properties: The product is a colourless oblate pellet with excellent chemical stability, flexibility and adhesion properties. It possesses certain impact resistance, good stress-fracture resistance and fine light transmittance.  
Grade: ?  
National Standard Grade: E/VAC 13-G-D022  
Enterprise Standard Grade: EVA 15/2  

Q/SH 012.07.07-1997 EVA Copolymer



Quality Criteria

Testing Method

Melt flow rate



GB 11115

Vinyl acetate content



SH/T 1591

Tensile strength(sheet)



GB 13022




Q/SH 012.07.05




GB 11115

Elongation at break



GB 11115

Scope of Application: Expanded plastic product  
Major Applications: ?^# Blow moulding,extrusion or injection moulding  
Process Method: Heavy-duty PE bag as inner packaging and PP woven bag as outer packaging; or use plastics coated PP woven bag. Each bag has a net weight of 25kg.  
Packing: Converted dimension 550mm?50mm or big package  
Packing Size: The product should be stored in a dry, well ventilated warehouse. To avoid direct sunlight, the product should not be stored in the open air.  
Storage: By means of truck, vessel or train. During transportation the product should not be exposed to the sunlight and rain. Neither should the product be mixed with contaminants. There should be no heavy bump or unloading by throwing the bags.  
Transportation: 1. Be away from fire and heat sources.
2. Should not be stored or transported together with chemicals and inflammables.
3. Warehouse must be equipped with extinguishers or fire-fighting device.
4. Water, carbon dioxide, dry powder or 1211 can be used as extinguishers for the product.
Safety Precautions:  

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