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Nine SPC Management Innovation Achievements Win Shanghai Prizes 2015/04/09
SPC Holds Emergency Response Desktop Exercises on Leakage of Long-distance Pipelines 2015/04/09
SPC Automatic Air Monitoring Station Accepted 2015/04/09
SPC Gasoline Production Capacity Meets National Standard V 2015/04/09
SPC Awarded the "Brilliant Star in Shanghai Top Brands" 2015/04/09
SPC Launched VOC Gross Amount Measurement 2015/04/09
SPC Realizes 30% Drop in VOC Emission 2012/05/21
Special Material for Microfiber Leather Debuts in SPC 2012/05/21
SPC Enters in Social Responsibility Ranking List 2012/05/18
SPC Joins in Formulation of Industrial Standard 2012/02/16
SPC: Triple Crown of National Model Unit 2012/01/10
SPC Awarded Classic Project Prize 2012/01/10
SPC PTA Anaerobic Treatment Plant Put into Operation 2011/12/28
Ministry Okays Core Tech of Fudan-SPC R&D 2011/11/23
SPC Supplies Water for FINA Championships 2011/07/28
SPC Passes Inspection for Shanghai Cleaner Production 2011/06/10
SPC Staff Donate Blood Voluntarily for over 20 Years 2011/06/10
150,000-ton/year C5 Packaged Technology Awarded 1st Prize of Sinopec Science & Techn.. 2011/01/31
SPC Named China Environmental-friendly Enterprise 2010/12/20
SPC Propylene-Butylene Atactic Copolymers Fill Domestic Gap 2010/12/20

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