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Successful Test-run of the Cracked-Gas Compressor in the Ethylene Plant of SECCO 2004/10/25
Anti-bacteria and Moisture Control Acrylic Fiber welcome on the market 2004/09/22
The Company's Chairman Lu Yiping awarded “Model Worker of Central Enterprises“ 2004/09/22
The 150 KTA Polyester Plant of SPC Put into Operation 2004/09/17
Anti-pilling Acrylic Fiber Successfully Developed by SPC 2004/09/17
#98 Gasoline of SPC Launched On the Shanghai Market 2004/08/16
Special Material for High-fluid Antishock PP Passed Appraisal 2004/08/16
250,000Ton/Year Polyethylene Products Sold Pretty Well 2004/07/27
Construct Start of SPC's 12,000T/Y Industrial Polyester Filament Technical Modificat.. 2004/07/27
SPC Awarded the Prize of "Ten Best Deeds" in the Shanghai Workers' Spiritual Civiliz.. 2004/07/06
Thermal Power Plant Full-loaded for the Peak of Power Demand This Summer 2004/07/06
"Ding Dong" Mineral Water Designated as the Drinking Water for the Women's Beach Vol.. 2004/05/21
A Group of Model Unit and Worker Commended 2004/05/10
2004 SPC Vocational Skill Competition Opened 2004/05/10
Two Polyester Research Projects Passed Appraisal 2004/04/28
The Tax by SPC Climbed a New High 2004/04/28
SPC's "Non-fiber" Polyester Fiber Products Increasing 2004/03/10
SPC's Eight Research Projects won Award of Scientific & Technological Advancement of.. 2004/03/10
Production of SPC Gets off to a Flying Start 2004/02/24
Production of SPC Gets off to a Flying Start 2004/02/23

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