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Successful Test-run of the Cracked-Gas Compressor in the Ethylene Plant of SECCO

The test-run of the cracked-gas compressor, heart of the ethylene plant of SECCO’s 90 project, got a success in October 6. The completion of the major milestone of the project was a symbol that SECCO had entered the production preparation in an all-around way. It is another major milestone reached as scheduled followed the successful start of the 220KV power station in March 28 and the putting into operation of the start-up boiler in August 23.

 The compressor is so far the No. 1 of the domestic ethylene plant. Through the running of air and nitrogen, it can supply the process of the whole ethylene plant with ample gas, complete all kinds of production preparation such as purging, sealing-test, drying, nitrogen replacement of the plant as well as the pre-cooling of nitrogen before commissioning. And therefore it is a strong backbone of the implementation of the production preparation of the whole plant. The successful test-run layed a solid base for the on-time commissioning of the whole project in the first quarter of next year.

 Since the kick-off of SECCO’s 90 Ethylene Project on March 28, 2004, all the work has steadily advanced according to the pre-set plan with the safety, quality, schedule and cost under good control. It is estimated that the project will see its mechanical completion in the end of this year and the commissioning in the first quarter of next year. In the middle of next year, it will be put into commercial operation.

 Shanghai SECCO 900 KTA Ethylene Project was co-invested by SINOPEC, SPC and BP with an investment of $2.7 billion, among which SPC held 20% shares.


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