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Anti-bacteria and Moisture Control Acrylic Fiber welcome on the market

Imagine the scene a pilot product is fully placed on purchase orders by downstream buyers even before it’s still waiting for an official appraisal? This time you can see it in SPC. This shopping rush is named Anti-bacteria and Moisture Control Acrylic Fiber.

Anti-bacteria, skincare, moisture adsorption, soft, antistatic, wrinkle resistance… all of those amazing features, meeting the people’s request of comfortableness and health care on clothing materials, reveals the reasons why this product get so popular on the market.

At the beginning of last year, the “Anti-bacteria and Moisture Control Acrylic Fiber” project was brought into approval by the Acrylic Fiber Division with a view to shouldering the historic responsibility to create a sustainable development point of fiber product. In order to break through the perimeter “green barrier”, the research personnel engaged tremendous energy and efforts into this project, and made it a wonderful task in a very short time. Only over 1 year, the new-generation product came out with characteristics of natural, clean, sanitary, healthy, and comfortable. The test performed by concerned authority shows that the famous brand-Raschel blanketry product fabricated with this fiber product has escalated its anti-bacteria ratio more than 95%, and the texture of it can still maintain an ideal anti-bacteria capacity after given 50 intensive water washings.

A few days ago, this new product passed the expert appraisal organized by SINOPEC. The experts concluded that the moisture control capacity of this new product is 1.5 times than that of conventional acrylic fiber products, and utterly environment-friendly and has no side effect upon human health. The quality of this product keeps abreast of the like oversea products, and the aggregated technical level is one-up at home and advanced abroad.


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