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Anti-pilling Acrylic Fiber Successfully Developed by SPC

Like a pimple on the face of a beauty, fluff and pill on a colorful and fashionable sweater after several washing will not only affect the beauty of the appearance but also discount the comfort of wearing. With the success of the development of anti-pilling acrylic fiber, an international advanced R&D new product of SPC, the problem head-aching many people who pay a lot of attention to their apparels will be solved thoroughly. The project passed the expertise appraisal organized by SINOPEC a few days ago.

Under the premise of ensuring good spinnablity, the technology adopted physical modification methods to enable textile anti-pilling by modifing production process to change structural properties of the fiber. Since the setup of the project at the beginning of last year, researchers of SPC looked up data widely to collect and compile references because there were no experiences to refer to. Through the analysis and a lot of repeated experiments, the acrylic fiber new product with both good antip-illing property and good dying property was successfully developed finnally in less than one and a half year, which filled in a domestic blank in this area.

In the following spinning process, the anti-pilling acrylic fiber can be spinned purely or blended with certain proportion of cotton, wool etc. to make textiles with improved wearing properties and product level. Both the economic benefit and the social benefit are very distinct.



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