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The 150 KTA Polyester Plant of SPC Put into Operation

After 26 hours commissioning, the 150 kta polyester plant got through the whole process on September 2, and successfully produced first batch of qualified lustered polyester chips.

The plant adopted domestic technology package of 150 kta polyester which was a national technology innovation, "Two Highs, One Optimization" (to modify traditional products by using hi-tech and advanced, practicable technology, to industrialize hi-tech, to optimize key products and technical structures) and one of SINOPEC Group's "Ten Dragons" key projects. Its technical software package was co-developed by SPC, China Textile Academy, East China University of Science and Technology, China Textile Industrial Engineering Institute. As a core technology of SPC, it passed the expertise appraisal including three academicians organized by SINOPEC in May 2001.

The successful of the plant's establishment and putting into operation is a symbol that SPC has advance a substantial stride from "complete import" to "complete self-development" since its deal in the polyester production for 30 years. It not only played an essential role in the forming of large-scale polyester technology package of China petrochemical industry, but also had an great significance in expansion and validation the original domestic technology of SPC and in enhancement the core competitive power of the polyester production of SPC.

The polyester plant of SPC has the advantages of low consumption of energy and material, low investment and so on, which is so far an international advanced technology. The plant's establishment and putting into operation will put up a wonderful stage for SPC to develop more new polyester products meeting market needs.


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