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SASAC Leader Came to Inspect on SPC’s Carbon Fiber R & D Work

  On November 5th afternoon, deputy director of State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (“SASAC”)-Ren Hongbin, came to Sinopec Shanghai (“SPC”) to inspect specially on the development of carbon fibers and its composites, and urged Sinopec to conscientiously implement the spirit of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, seize the opportunity, take up the responsibility, and intensify scientific and technological research breakthrough. Member of the Leading Party Member Group and Vice President of Sinopec Group -Yu Baocai, deputy manager of Sinopec Group’s Science and Technology Department-Xie Zaiku, deputy director of the SASAC's Science and Technology Bureau-Liu Changsen, deputy manager of Sinopec Group’s Chemical Industry Department-Guan Diao sheng, chairman and Secretary of Party Committee of SPC-Wu Haijun, and vice general manager of SPC-Huang Xiangyu accompanied.
  Ren Hongbin and his companions viewed the carbon fiber production plant on spot, visited the carbon fiber exhibition hall, got to know about the carbon fiber production process, and put forward specific requirements for the development of carbon fiber and its composite materials.


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