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SPC won the 22nd session "CIIF New Materials Award"

  After winning the newly-set China International Industry Fair Award (hereinafter referred to as “CIIF Award”) last year for a newly-developed high-efficiency Mechanical oil extraction system with carbon fiber as its continuous sucker rod core material, SPC spread good news again at the 22nd session China International Industry Fair on September 15 this year. Its “New high toughness polyester engineering plastics and applications” jointly produced by Shanghai JiYu industrial Co. Ltd won ”CIIF new materials award” .
  SPC developed the award-winning exhibits of new high toughness polyester engineering plastics,which has experienced the process of small scale test, step by step amplification test, performance analysis, post-processing application and market development. Through the design of polyester molecular chain structure and the use of self-developed one-step polyester liquid phase viscosity enhancement technology, SPC solved the key technical problems of polyester sheet forming process, and has formed a mature industrial continuous production technology of polyester sheet base material, making a breakthrough of its sort in China and realized the first industrial production in China. SPC has applied three Chinese invention patents for the core technology of the product, which can compete with foreign exclusive monopoly technology.


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