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SPC Clean Gasoline Component Unit Put into Operation

  At 3:45 on August 30, the 400 KTPA clean gasoline component unit of SPC oil product cleaning project successfully produced on-spec. alkylated oil products, thusly achieving the goal of one-time successful commissioning and start-up of the new unit, which will promote the optimization and adjustment of the product mix of oil refining and the upgrading of oil product quality.
  As an important component of SPC's realization of refining product mix adjustment and oil product quality upgrade, this project is mainly for production of alkylated oil, which is an ideal blending component for aviation gasoline and motor gasoline. Thanks to the advantages of high octane number, free of olefins and aromatics, low sensitivity, good performance of blending, volatility and clean combustion, it plays a vital role in the quality upgrading of gasoline products in China. Therefore, it is an indispensable main component in the production of national VI standard motor gasoline and also currently a green and environmentally friendly gasoline product.

  Since the construction commencement in July 2019, the project has overcome many adverse factors such as the impact of the COVID-19 and high temperature in summer. After less than 14 months of construction and production preparations, the unit has achieved successful commissioning and startup according to the time node with specified quality and capacity. After the project is put into operation, it will further optimize SPC’s gasoline product mix, enhance the corporate comprehensive competitiveness, realize the optimal allocation of resources and product appreciation, and meet the demand for high-standard and premium-quality clean gasoline in Shanghai and surrounding markets.


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