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SPC's Successful Development of Fire-Retardant Polyester Chips

In recent days, quality certificates for the first 90t semi-dull fire-retardant polyester chips have been issued. This marks the successful development by Polyester Fiber Department of SPC of fire-retardant polyester chips through KANEBO process and introduction of a new grade of polyester chips.

The conventional fire-retardant polyester chips are manufactured through three-autoclave DuPont process in mass production with fierce competition on the market. In contrast, the five-autoclave KANEBO process requires complex technology and is not yet adopted by enterprises in China.

The first batch of such products manufactured by SPC received good responses from the users after tryout. Comparatively, fire-retardant polyester chips produced through KANEBO process have higher performance in spinnability than equivalent products, especially the chip hue.


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