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SPC Chemical Terminal Stepped onto 50,000 tons Grade

4# and 5# berths at chemical terminal of SPC Storage & Transportation Department completed with revamping and put into trial operation the other day. After completion of modifications, the berthing grade of 5# berth was also upgraded from 25,000 tons to 50,000 tons grade, which had satisfied the berthing demand of large vessels and debottlenecked SPC’s product delivery via sea transportation.

In recent years, the number of vessels departing from SPC has increasingly grown and sizes of the berthing ships are also getting bigger and bigger. With progressing of these changes, the through capacity and berth grade of chemical terminal can’t keep up with the realistic demand any more.  Small-sized vessels have lower work efficiency and limited handling capacity, which has restricted delivery and receiving of cargoes in great quantities and at quick speed.

To adapt to the development demand, SPC started construction for revamping of the terminal in middle January this year.


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