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Special Material for Microfiber Leather Debuts in SPC

SPC has recently witnessed the birth of a new member in the family of new polyolefin products as the industrialized pilot production of the special polyethylene material for microfiber leather has been completed in the No. 1 Polyethylene Plant of the SPC Plastics Division.

Microfiber leather, sharing similarities with natural leather in fasciculate collagen fiber structure and performances though, makes people feel more comfortable for its internal microstructure, appearance, texture and physical properties. It is also superior to natural leather in terms of chemical resistance, quality homogeneity and adaptability of large-scale production and processing as well as water and mildew resistance. High-quality suede-like fabric made of microfiber leather bears a strong resemblance to real leather regarding appearance, feel and style. As predicted, microfiber leather will gradually replace PVC synthetic leather, ordinary PU synthetic leather and natural leather, and take a leading role in leather products.

In the second half of 2011, the SPC Plastics Division set up a project team for “High-MFR Special Polyethylene Material for Microfiber Leather”, which was made up of the staff from the Department of Production Plant, the Research Institute and the Department of Production Technology Management, in response to the demands of downstream users for raw materials of microfiber leather by making use of its technological and geographic advantages. The project team realized the industrialized pilot production of microfiber leather within a short time after ceaselessly adjusting the scheme of pilot production and modifying the adaptability of relevant equipment by probing into the design on molecular structure of the special material.


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