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SPC Realizes 30% Drop in VOC Emission

Through nearly one year’s efforts, SPC has achieved remarkable results for effectively reducing the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) by over 30% on a year-on-year basis, thus effectively improving the regional ambient air quality.

In upcoming days, SPC will take advantage of the “World Environment Day”, the Training for Environmental Protection” and other activities to carry on the LDAR promotion activities in a bid to raise the employees’ awareness of environmental protection. Besides, in line with the management characteristics of all secondary units and the operating conditions of the plants, it will expand the coverage of LDAR in the whole company through the third-party detection service and complete the second round of LDAR detection before the end of the year.

Through the implementation of LDAR, SPC hopes to find out the major source of exhaust emissions, conduct the pertinent VOC governance and reduce the total amount of VOC emissions in synchronization with the cleaner production, thus minimizing the emission of toxic and harmful substances and combustibles, reducing the risks of fires or explosions to ensure personal health and improve regional air quality.


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