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SPC Joins in Formulation of Industrial Standard

With the industrial standard for “flame retardant polyester chip (FRPET)” successfully approved by the experts of China Chemical Fibers Association through examination, since 2004, SPC has played a crucial role in formulating a total of 6 national and industrial standards for product quality, which covered most of polyester (PET) products.


FRPET is a new product made of PET. The FRPET textile not only feels the same with the ordinary PET textile but also boasts the permanent flame retardant performance. FRPET can be applied to indoor decoration, bedding, apparel, vehicle interior and industrial materials. Domestic firms rushed to develop and manufacture relevant products due to the promising market of FRPET, while no industrial standard comes out.


The industrial standard for “FRPET”, formulated upon the entrustment of the Technology Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, is the first of its kind in China. It provides a reference for the examination on FRPET in production and trading as well as the third-party supervision and verification on it, and consolidates SPC’s leading position in domestic PET industry.


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