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SPC: Triple Crown of National Model Unit

At the recent awarding ceremony of the national construction for cultural and ideological progress, SPC won the third honorable title of National Civilized Unit in a row upon surviving the review by the Central Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee.


According to sources, since its participation in the model unit construction drive in 2003, SPC has driven its development in a scientific and harmonious way as well as the corporate civilization level and the employees’ quality. In so doing, it has integrated the corporate values of SINOPEC and SPC into the practices in the socialist core value system. Besides, it has closely combined the spiritual civilization construction with all the tasks related to the reform, development and stability of the company’s production and operation according to the standard of building national civilized units and the requirement of steadily boosting the scientific, systematical and regulatory construction of national civilized units.


SPC once won the titles of National Model Units in the first and second batches in 2005 and 2008, respectively.


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