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Production of SPC Gets off to a Flying Start

In January,the first month of the year of 2004,SPC's production got off to a flying start thanks to safe and stable production,better fulfillment of monthly physical output plan,further reduction of unusual shut-downs,and the continuous high level of main technical economic indexes.

Two traditional holidays,the New Year's Holiday and the Spring Festival,were both in January,when it was usually the lowest temperature in a year. In order to ensure safe and stable production,SPC has taken many practical and effective measures,such as organizing safety and plant inspections before holidays,duly arranging rectification of safety and refit of plants. In the meanwhile,because all units strengthened on-site management of plants and special protection for key equipment units,continuously conducted anti-frost and other seasonal protections,production preparations were made before holidays,and appropriately planned production during holidays,safe and stable production was ensured during the two holidays. As statistics show,most indexes have exceeded monthly balance plan between production and marketing among 17 main production indexes listed in the planned statistical implementation;21 plants have kept running safely,stable throughout calendar year among 25 key production plants inspected by the Company. Comparing with the same period last year,unusual shut-downs have decreased by 37.5%.


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