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SPC Passes Inspection for Shanghai Cleaner Production

 After three-day inspection and evaluation, the on-site examination team for Shanghai cleaner production, made up of officials from the Shanghai Environmental Protection, the Jinshan District Environmental Protection and Shanghai Cleaner Production Center, reached a consensus that SPC passed the inspection for cleaner production.

The team agreed that remarkable social and economic benefits have been seen due to SPC’s commitment to cleaner production and great efforts and inputs into it. The inspector group trained earlier and their work done before the inspection in line with the examination procedures stipulated by the municipal government laid a solid foundation for SPC’s smooth passing of the inspection. The backbone group will also contribute to SPC’s cleaner production in the future. SPC’s combination of cleaner production with environmental protection as well as energy saving and emission reduction upgrades the cleaner production initiative and acts as a cornerstone for its sustainable development.sustainable development.


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