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SPC Named China Environmental-friendly Enterprise

SPC has recently been honored the title of “China Environmental-friendly Enterprise” upon on-site expert evaluation and review and recognition of All-China Environment Federation.


As early as 2008, SPC kick-started its five-step efforts of building an eco-friendly enterprise in line with the “Notice of Launching Initiative of Building National Environment-friendly Enterprises” and the “Notice of Doing a Good Job in Building National Environment-friendly Enterprises” issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration. 


SPA’s a series of environmental projects, implementation of ISO14001 system and building of Shanghai clean production enterprise greatly improved the environmental quality on its own premises while fulfilling the set performance goals and meeting the requirements for a national eco-friendly enterprise. The series of projects included desulfurization of boilers of Thermal Power Division, odor control of sewage treatment devices of Environmental Protection Center, construction of catalytic heavy gasoline hydrodesulfurization devices with an annual output of 0.35 million tons, increase of fare gas recycling capacity, rectification of unorganized omission in transport and storage, renovation of some sewage treatment devices and addition of online monitors for volatile organic matter.   

SPC also collaborated with Jinshan District, which strived for a national environmental protection model district, and Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, which endeavored to create a national recycling economy demonstration base, in environmental management and emergency disposal to realize a joint regulation of regional environment. Besides, SPC Environmental Protection Center joined hands with Wei Town in Jinshan District, Shanghai and Dushangang Town in Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province to hold spiritual civilization promotion activities focused on how to improve regional environment as well as eco-concerns of community residents.


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