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SEPB Thanks SPC for Contribution to Improved Environmental Quality during the Expo

The Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau (SEPB) has recently sent a letter to SPC to thank SPC’s contribution to the improved environmental quality during the Expo.

It is said in the thank-you letter that SPC has always given its support and cooperation to the city’s environmental protection and ecological construction, especially during the period preparing for and hosting the Expo. Thanks to the joint efforts, the initial achievement in ensuring the air quality during the Expo has been made. By the end of the event, the city’s air quality excellent rate had hit 96.4%, with that during the Expo reaching a record high of 98.4% compared with those in the same period of the years before. It was largely attributed to SPC’s efforts in environmental protection during the Expo. SPC and other companies’ practice of the eco-concept of “green Expo, low-carbon Expo” not only made an outstanding contribution to the success of the Expo but also laid a solid foundation for the city’s work of environmental quality improvement in future.


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