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SPC Green Polyester Products Presented to Volunteer Cleaners

On the morning of July 15, the third “Day of Clean Environment” since the opening of the Expo, officials from the SPC Civilization Office, the Municipal Civilization Office and the Municipal Patriotic Public Health Office went to the Ouyang Road Community in Hongkou District to present disposable green water cups and eco-friendly shopping bags to Expo volunteer cleaners.


These plastic cups and bags are the first batch of products produced by SPC with its newly-developed versatile biodegradable polyester that boast Sinopec’s unique technology and catalyst. The tableware and packing bags made of the polyester can resist the heat of more than 100 degrees Celsius. After soil disposal, they can be resolved without damage to the environment in three months as they fall prey to the microbes in the soil. 


In the activity, a total of 80 thousand water cups and 10 thousand shopping bags are presented to the Expo volunteers in some districts and countries in Shanghai.


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