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SPC's "Non-fiber" Polyester Fiber Products Increasing

Statistics show that last year one third of total output of SPC's polyester fiber products were applied to papermaking,road construction,carpeting and toy-making etc.

In recent years,with the increasing market competition of polyester fiber products,the Polyester Fiber Division attaches great importance to developing new-function products so as to increase the market share for "non-fiber" products. In order to realize this goal,the Division enhances market research and the R&D of new variety of products. The Division persists in compiling and posting on intranet a weekly column Internal & external Polyester Fiber Series New Products and Market Information,which plays a big role and enables the easy access for technicians to the up-to-date information of new process,new products and new technology of the same trade both at home and abroad,and helps forge a solid basis for developing new products. The sales personnel from the Division engage great efforts in market research,and bring back for technical personnel a lot of constructive information from market. Meanwhile,they also spare no efforts in the marketing of the "non-fiber" products.

Through painstaking efforts,the Division's polyester fiber products start to hold a niche in "non-fiber" field. Industrial filament of conventional type,for example,has only a very limited applications and low economic efficiency,but now thanks to technological improvement it can be processed into a new type of super high-tenacity and wear resistant products,such as geotextile for road construction,safety belt for car,mining equipment and materials and framework materials for rubber industry etc. PET/PEN,a new type of high-barrier special-purpose packaging material newly developed by the Division,is a good substitute for the air-tight packing materials such as beer bottle and perfume bottle etc.,and it bears a great market potential.

With more and more products being used in "non-fiber" field,the Division has not only occupied a large market share but also increased its profit margin. Take the super short staple fiber as an example,by expanding application field,last year its sales volume increased 87% over the year before last and the ratio between production and marketing exceeded 100%.


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