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Two Polyester Research Projects Passed Appraisal

Two Projects,"The Technical Development of Delustered Polyester Production" and "The Development of 0.89 dtex Cotton Type Polyester Staple",both passed the technical appraisal of SINOPEC Group a few days ago.

"The Technical Development of Delustered Polyester Production",basedon the existing plant,solved technical problems such as the promotion effect and the dispersancy of the high content of TiO2 in the High-Ti Polyester Production,the product of which can be used in down and feather garments,swimming suites,fashionable dresses,auto and house decoration textiles.

"The Development of 0.89 dtex Cotton Type Polyester Staple" created an industrial production technology of 0.89 dtex staple with chips and its overall technology reached domestic advanced level through the optimization in the technical process conditions such as drying of polyester chips,spinneret design,spinning speed,cooling conditions,drawing,setting and so on. With spun with cotton,the 0.89dtex staple can substitute for imported products to produce textiles with high density,high count,peach skin and knitting cotton underwear,which created an obvious economic benefit with an additional profit of several hundred yuan per ton compared with regular products.


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