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Thermal Power Plant Full-loaded for the Peak of Power Demand This Summer

On June 22, the No.4 generator and finance of the No.1 Station of the Thermal Power Plant successfully started at the first attempt after an overhaul. Since then, the plant kicked off a full-loaded operation in an all-around way so as to meet the peak of power demand this summer.

There is a large gap in power supply of Shanghai Electricity Network this summer. All self-supply power plants were required by the Shanghai Municipal Government to ensure their local power supply. Early two months ago, the Thermal Power Plant made some modifications to its overhaul plan as to guarantee the power production capacity in the peak period of this summer and the equipments, such as the No. 2 finance, the No. 3 generator, the No. 4 generator and finance of the No.1 Station and the No.1 and NO.2 generators and finances, have gone through the overhaul and reclamation in just two month.


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