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SPC Awarded the Prize of "Ten Best Deeds" in the Shanghai Workers' Spiritual Civilization Appraisal

"400 SPC Workers Blood-donating for the Anti-SARS Campaign" was appraised as one of the "Ten Best Deeds" in the 19th session of Shanghai Worker's Spiritual Civilization Appraisal held a few days ago.

In order to ease the blood shortage in shanghai during the plague of SARS last year, the league youth were called on to be active and to shoulder their social responsibilities to blood-donate for the Anti-SARS Campaign. In the short two days, 400 league youth and other workers highly-enthusiastically participated the blood-donating activity. According to statistics, nearly 70 % participators were party members or league members. And moreover, 13% workers were not in the proposed age range. Various mass media reported this activity such as China National Radio, China Petrochemical, Shanghai National Radio, Shanghai TV Station, Xinmin Evening, Shanghai Economy and Youth.

There were more than 200 units competing in this session "Ten Best Deeds" Appraisal. "400 SPC Workers Blood-donating for the Anti-SARS Campaign" finally became one of the "Ten Best Deeds" thanks to its moving story and good social effect, which made it another gem of SPC spiritual civilization development.


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