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Construct Start of SPC's 12,000T/Y Industrial Polyester Filament Technical Modification Project

July 7, 2004, the construction of SPC's 12,000T/Y industrial polyester filament technical modification project started. As one of the optimizations for the Company trade structures, and one of the guidelines for strengthening Company's market-recognized favorite, popular products, SPC plans to increase the capacity of 11,600T/Y of the existing industrial filament production plant to 23,600T/Y, attempting to a most leading industrial filament producer in China.

The project is one of State-approved key technical modification projects "Two Highs, One Optimization" (to modify traditional products by using hi-tech and advanced, practicable technology, to industrialize hi-tech, to optimize key products and technical structures), and as well as one of the seventh projects using national debts. The major items of the project contains: a new unit of 15,000T/Y polyester chips solid polymerization, two production lines of common polyester industrial filament and two high-module-low-shrinkage polyester industrial filament production lines with a total design capacity of 12,000T/Y. Some key equipment will be imported from Toray, other less strictly-required ones, for instance, supporting units will be localized, or made available by digging-up the potential.

The industrial filament is one of excellent row materials for the textile industry, one of new, favorite synthetic polyester fibers as well. Thanks to their high strength, good wearability, anti-corrosion, good mechanical and chemical stability the filament is rapidly developed and widely used in various areas of such as auto-tire produce, construction, water conservancy, high way building, transportation facilities and coated fabrics, serving as cord fabrics in tyres, carrier for rubber products, conveying belts, safety belt in car, safety harness, lifting belts, PVC compound materials, civil works fabrics.

In recent years, a rapid technical development of polyester filaments is seen, both in designing package unit, key parts, configurating process equipment, and operational flexibility, process control, all this indicates the contemporarily-developed technology is being used doubtless. The technology selected by SPC represents world advanced technology for the industrial polyester filaments. A basis will be created for the technical development and new product development when the project comes on the stream. It is convinced that SPC is then in a position to have a good command of various skills and to meet high requirements for variety and properties.

Based on own effective management and technically leading position, SPC-produced industrial filaments are recognized both in quality and pricing. The Company's Polyester Division's filament production unit is been running for almost 10 years, involved engineers and operators are skilled both in its soft wares and concrete operation, now the Company is one of larges industrial filament producers. The quality of the products enjoy also reputation, even exported to England, Swede and other industrially developed countries. The Company competition in the related areas will be considerably enhanced when the project is concluded.

In order to ensure a completion of the project on schedule, the Company's Polyester Division and contractors involved have set up a series of strict management systems defining clear responsibilities for corresponding departments, implementing an active HSE management, tightening safety supervision, effective controlling over quality, schedule, costs and contract, striving to put the project on operation by the end of the year. 


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