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250,000Ton/Year Polyethylene Products Sold Pretty Well

SPC-introduced Hi-Tech is fruitful, the products made with the help of the Hi-tech are favored on market. From January up to June this year, selling of the plastic pipe material, plastic cable sheath material produced by 250,000 T/Y polyethylene production plant of SPC's Plastic Division increased by 131% compared with the same period last year. Many of the plastic pipe producers in China will buy SPC-produced products

The reason for a good selling of 250,000T/Y polyethylene plant's products on the market can be traced to a foresight by SPC's top management. Several years ago when SPC was starting with its Construction Phase 4, a unit of polyethylene production plant was under consideration. At that time there were two options for SPC, one was to select a common, but well-sold polyethylene product production process, another was to select a promising, technically advanced process, although the products made by this kind process were still not recognized and favored on markets, trying to avoid the intensive competition from markets for products of quite similar technical levels. Finally, SPC had selected "Bimodal"technology from Borealis. Based on the introduced technology, in 2002 an annual capacity of 250,000 tons Bimodal polyethylene production plant – nowadays, the largest, technically most advanced one, was built.

In April 2002, the construction of the plant ended, and commissioning concluded successfully, but the products made by the plant were not so welcomed by the market as today's market. With the time when the operators accumulated their operation experience the plant ran safer and safer. And the quality of its products was better and better thanks to the stable operation of the plant. The product users gradually know the good properties of the products after SPC's sellers have made a good technical presentation to the market. Especially in the last two years, the State Construction Ministry clearly states that for the newly-approved projects plastic pipes shall replace conventional pipes made of pig iron, steel and cement, and the plastic pipes shall meet 10kg/cm2 pressure requirement. All this has brought opportunity for the products of the plant in taking more shares on the market. Now, it is SPC that owns in China a Bimodal polyethylene production plant with a mass production of the high-strength plastic and easy-processing features. So far, such kind of plastic is widely used for pipes and cable sheath production.


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