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Special Material for High-fluid Antishock PP Passed Appraisal

A R&D production of SPC approaching the world advance level---Special Material for High-fluid Antishock PP, passed the new product appraisal of Shanghai a few days ago.

The special material developed by the Plastics Division of SPC is mainly used in the large-scale injection moulding product with thin walls such as the inner tube, base, lid, impeller, panel of a washing machine, the domestic demand of which is about 60 to 80 thousand tons per year. During the production process of the material, a new type catalyst was applied as to optimize the process operation conditions. Because a controllable rheology method was adopted, the process is advanced, reasonable, easy to control with high premium rate and all indexes including melt flow speed, antishock property and flexural modulus meeting requirements of the special material for the high-fluid antishock PP in an all around way.

The material has already successfully realized industrial production. The overall output in the first half of this year reached 24, 800 tons with stable quality and praised widely by customers.


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