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#98 Gasoline of SPC Launched On the Shanghai Market

After successfully launched in the market of Xiamen known as "aigret islandb gasoline made by SPC was officially put into the Shanghai market on August 10.

The high quality gasoline praised by the car-lover as "Noble Gasoline", is so far the one with highest number, highest price and best properties. Compared with other number gasoline, it has advantages such as good antiknock property, less pollution and less gasoline consumption which enable it environmental-friendly and providing strong drive as well. So it is the first choice of luxury cars like "BMW" and "Benz".

The debut of the Noble Gasoline in the product oil retail market of Shanghai and Xiamen, was not the first batch of Newborn of SPC. Early in 3 years ago, the first batch of 3000 tons gasoline of the same number made by SPC already launched in the Macao market.

SPC has been always committing to the development and the production of high quality clean petroleum products. Early in March 2000, a new generation of clean gasoline meeting the national standard GB17930-1999 supplied to the domestic market with large quantity. Last July collaborated with Petrochemical Science Institute, SPC firstly realized the industrial application of the selectively hydrogenation desulfur technology for catalyst cracking gasoline. And therefore, economic type of high number base clean gasoline with high quality was successfully developed, which was a new breakthrough in the domestic clean gasoline production technology.

At present, the production capacity of #98 gasoline of SPC is 5000 tons per month, completely enough for the market supply of Shanghai and its circumjacent areas.

It is pointed out that the development of high number clean gasoline is not only a reflection of an enterprise's technology capability, but also a strategic symbol of top gasoline market occupation, a symbol of a brand. It is of great significance for an enterprise's market share enlargement and the competition power enhancement.


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