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Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company Limited (SPC) dedicates itself to international exchange and co-operation. The International Department of SPC is the foreign affairs management organ of SPC, responsible for the administration of SPC's overseas organs, overall management of SPC's international activities such as international liaison and reception, foreign expert management and introduction of foreign intellectuals, projects and capitals. It is also in charge of anti-dumping affairs. The Department arranges meetings between SPC's senior management and visiting delegation from foreign governments, international societies and associations, industrial and commercial circle and the press. In direct co-operation with Shanghai Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, the Department implements a safety management system of foreign experts and holds a routine management meeting once half a year. The Department was once highly praised by Shanghai Municipal Government for its outstanding administration concerning foreign affairs during the outbreak of SARS. The International Department is in charge of holding negotiations in, signing and implementing contracts on international labor co-operation. In 2003, it signed a contract on technical training with "OAO" Polyef in Russia, under which 21 Russian technicians received a 42-day technical training at SPC's Polyester Division. In 2004, 23 technicians from the National Petrochemical Co. of Islamic Republic of Iran received a 35-day technical training at the Refining & Petrol-chemical Division.

As for introducing technical projects, its focus is on the new round of international technology exchange, public bidding and bidding invitation, contract negotiation, foreign affairs management in joint ventures and check and approval of construction projects. In 2004, SPC participated in the anti-dumping proposal of polyester chips against Hyosung Corporation of Republic of Korea.



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